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We did it!

We made it one WHOLE year. And boy has it been one helluva ride. We've peddled our wares to the wonderful patrons of the local farmers' markets and they've given us the warmest welcome we could have ever wished for. The same goes for the numerous vendors we've become friends with—we've learned tons from them and we've loved interacting with all of you.

To mark this first year anniversary we've relaunched our site! Admittedly, we are a bit (A LOT, lol) late in releasing the site but we wanted to make sure everything was as buttoned up as possible before we revealed it to all of you. We also want to thank you all by offering up a coupon code for 19% off your order (because 2019, see what we did there?...we'll show ourselves out.) when you sign up for our newsletter. We'll have that offer going on for the next two weeks.

As far as the site goes—its got a bunch of features like our new chatbot and our online rewards program which gives us a chance to do more than just say "thank you" with every purchase.

Awwright, so let's catch you all up to speed on all the new stuff, shall we?

Customer Service

Customer Service

To better assist you with picking the best coffee we're employing a coffee-fueled robot to help you find the right one. It will also be able to help you check your order status and track your shipment.

Rewards Program

Rewards aka Magic Beans

This will give you the flexibility to explore some other coffees you wouldn’t normally consider getting by awarding you some "magic beans" on your purchases. Once you collect enough beans—you'll get some cashback that you can use towards future purchases.

Reviews and Feedback

Reviews & Feedback

Seeing as how this is a fresh, brand-spankin' new site, its not exactly brimming with reviews. That's why we'd love it if you could be one of the first to give any of the coffee(s) you've tried from us an honest review. It'd mean the world to us.

Our Future
We plan on adding a coffee subscription service in the very near future and will be collaborating with a few artists to bring you some exclusive N/L swag and gear. We'll dive deeper into those new features/releases in upcoming blog posts so you can all know what's what.

As you can see...there's a lot coming guys—so give the site a go! We welcome any and all feedback into how the site feels for you as well as feedback on our products and the services we provide. Also, If you run into any hiccups along the way; reach out to us and we'll do our best to get you back on track as quickly as possible.

Stay tuned and again thank you for making our first year a memorable one! Now go subscribe and shop!


Co-Founder & CCO
Nightingale & Lark
Coffee Co.


Co-Founder & Roaster
Nightingale & Lark
 Coffee Co.

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Our First Anniversary + New Site, New Stuff and 19% off!

Our First Anniversary + New Site, New Stuff and 19% off!

We did it! One WHOLE year. And boy has it been one helluva ride.