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Jaen, Cajamarca | Peru [Dark Roast]

*All our coffees are ethically sourced

USDA Organic

Tasting Notes
• Milk Chocolate Fudge

We present to you the chocolatey side of Peru.

Now, this is the same bean as our lighter roast of Peru. The only difference is, we roasted it a bit darker to bring out some of its other flavors that are in its arsenal. The thing about these beans is that it possesses flavor profiles ranging from milk chocolate and nougat to plum and red cherry to grapefruit and jasmine. Its our job as roasters to navigate those flavors and bring forth something our fans will enjoy. 

History lesson
As the country of origin implies, this coffee hails from Jaen, Peru and is produced by Juan Manuel Diaz Muñoz. Like many other coffee producers, Juan was introduced to coffee from his parents. Back in 1990, his parents bought over three hectares of land in the community of Santa Maria which, you guessed it, resides in Jaén.

He eventually took over the family farm and in 2013 began implementing new processing procedures and introducing new varieties. Since then, he has been awarded increased income and recognition during the Cup of Excellence.

He, along with 425 other members form the Aroma de Valle producer group which represents some of the greatest coffee in northern Peru. Since their founding in 2015, they’ve worked to promote the development of top-quality coffee, providing economic and social support for producers and their families with a focus on environmental sustainability.

Fun fact:
Not only does Juan produce coffee, but he also distills sugar cane to make liquor. The name of the drink, that is consumed by locals and Juan’s guests are called “yonque”.

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